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Introducing '23-'24 Boys Lacrosse

#BeTheStandard #WeTheG

est. 2022


Welcome to Gretna Lacrosse. We have recently established our non profit status. 

We are excited to announce the addition of a combined boys lacrosse team between Gretna High and Gretna East.  


This a monumental day for the sport and its growth across the state of Nebraska.  Lacrosse is a spring sport with games taking place from the months of February through state playoffs in May. While also including Fall preseason practice/scrimmages & Winter weightlifting, Gretna Lacrosse will compete as a junior varsity team as the club begins to develop.


Our Fall 2023 was an amazing success - with over 16 players and our football boys not able to play - we feel very confident our spring team will be solid!  


We can't stress the above statement enough... there are no tryouts or cuts to make the team.  Experience is NOT required to play! We believe this great game should be available for all boys who would be open to trying a new sport.  We encourage multi-sport athletes! Lacrosse encompasses the physicality of football/hockey/wrestling, the finesse/footwork of basketball, the endurance of soccer, and the hand-eye coordination of baseball all in one.  If you are an athlete or just want to try something new, we can find a place on the field for YOU! 

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