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Winter 2024 Program

Curious why you should register for our winter program?  Learn more: 

Introduction to weightlifting that will include workouts designated towards what a lacrosse player needs to be successful on the field. Our sport is different from football, baseball, soccer etc. and what we do in the weight room should reflect that. We also understand we have varying degrees of experience in the weight room and want this to be positive camaraderie driven environment that will grow everyone’s skillset together.


Conditioning plus an emphasis on form/stretching that will include exercises and competition that an athlete needs to cover all 110 yards of a lacrosse field. There’s no denying it… part of the game is sprinting, cutting, and footwork. We want to make sure our roster is primed and ready for practices/games and rounding out the full characteristics that make an elite athlete. On top of proper recovery and how to take care of your body post workout.


Stick work will include a wide array of stick workouts that separate your standard throw a ball against a wall, and what a wall ball routine should look like. Like the weight room we understand we have a wide variety of experience ranging from just picked up a stick this past Fall to playing for 5+ years. My favorite part about lacrosse is that any size player can make a difference. The one separating factor is… the stick and how well a player can handle it from passing, catching, shooting we will get those skills honed ready to attack this Spring head on.Registration is OPEN for our Winter program please sign up at your earliest convenience with the link below so we can get a better gauge on numbers and pairings for players. I can tell you the coaches are really excited for this Winter and taking that next step as a team. 

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