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As a spring sport, lacrosse offers football players a valuable
opportunity to maintain their physical fitness while
enhancing their overall athleticism. Numerous
accomplished athletes have engaged in both football and
lacrosse, and participating in both sports brings numerous

Participating in lacrosse will help your football player:
• Enhance Team Communication Skills
• Elevate Agility for Improved Tackling and Evasion
• Develop Physicality, Enhancing the Ability to Initiate
and Handle Contact
• Improve Speed and Quickness
• Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination
• Maintain Athletic Conditioning in Spring


The lacrosse community in Omaha is growing and there are
great opportunities for players of all ages, from 4-year-olds
through high school and beyond!


There is also a strong
movement towards sanctioning lacrosse in Nebraska.
Check out the site:


To explore the synergies between lacrosse and football, get
insights into the organization of youth and high school
lacrosse in Omaha, and stay updated on upcoming
opportunities for your sons and daughters to experience
lacrosse without any commitments contact us!


The Notre Dame Football team shows support for the Fighting Irish Men's Lacrosse Team during a playoff game against Virginia

Casey Rogers was a star football and lacrosse
player throughout high school in New York. He
decided to pursue football at the University of
Nebraska in
stead of taking a scholarship to play
lacrosse at Syracuse. He’s currently a defensive
lineman at Oregon.

Xavier Arline spent his initial two years at
Navy as a quarterback in football
before transitioning to lacrosse, where he
currently starts.

Chris Hogan played lacrosse at Penn State
before making a successful transition to the
NFL, where he won two Super Bowl
championships. He also spent a season in the
PLL (Professional Lacrosse League).

Jared Bernhardt, after playing three seasons
of lacrosse at Maryland and achieving
remarkable success, transferred
to Ferris State, where he secured the starting
QB position and led the team to a Division II
National Championship. He now plays as a
wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons.

Jim Brown Hall of Fame football players
showcased his talents in both football and
lacrosse during his time at Syracuse. Considered
by many to be the best lacrosse player ever.

There are many lacrosse athletes that have played and are still playing football at the highest levels:

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